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Hillsborough County Farm Bureau strives to connect with our legislative delegations at the local, state, and national levels regarding all things agricultural. The collective effort among the county, state, and national Farm Bureaus leads to solutions for agriculturists and rural communities in economic, educational, and social fields. Hillsborough County Farm Bureau is active in the community, legislature, and grassroots of agriculture production, educating and working in various ways to serve as the voice of agriculture.

Our Mission

We are the voice and leader of Hillsborough County and Florida agriculture. We will strive to have our members well informed, educated, and effective at all levels of the organization, as well as with community, legislative, and other strategic alliances. Our services increase the net income of members through economic, social, and educational opportunities Hillsborough County Farm Bureau is one of the 67 county Farm Bureaus under Florida Farm Bureau Federation. Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental, voluntary grass-roots organization for farm and ranch families and anyone interested in Agriculture, united for the purpose of analyzing their problems; and by formulation action, seeks to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement, thereby promoting the nation welfare as the Voice of Agriculture.

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One of the greatest attributes of Farm Bureau is that ANY one can become a member that has any interest in agriculture, land, and natural resources.



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Hillsborough County Farm Bureau has a variety of community programs that give it’s members the opportunity to engage with the community as well as their fellow Farm Bureau members.

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As a member/policy holder, Farm Bureau’s mission is to serve you. In times of uncertainty you’re more than just a policyholder, you’re part of our family.


A letter from our President

Dennis Carlton, Jr.


I’m writing to you in the midst of the Florida Strawberry Festival. This is a busy time of the year for our industry, with strawberry season at it’s peak and the Florida State Fair just coming to a close.  This time of the year includes a lot of celebrations, from 4-H and FFA members completing their market projects, to a new class of Florida Ag Hall of Fame inductees and a new Woman of the Year in Agriculture. Myself, along with our Board of Directors, wish to extend a congratulations to all.

Please take a few moments to read the article in this edition of IN THE FIELD Magazine about this year’s Florida State Fair.  Hillsborough County Farm Bureau is always honored to host Ag-Venture, a hands-on learning exhibit where nearly 60,000 attendees visit during the 12 days of the fair. This exhibit is special, as it highlights our industry and reaches consumers in a way that not only teaches them about where their food comes from, but leaves an impression on why agriculture is so important. This year also included two new outreach activities – the “Thank a Florida Farmer” exhibit and a Hologram production about the History of Florida Agriculture.  There’s more about both in the article.

Last month also included “Food Check-Out Week,” a time to celebrate the abundance of fresh and nutritious food available to consumers nationwide at affordable prices.  Most American households spend an average of 11.3 per cent of their disposable income on food.  This is the LOWEST of any country in the world and would not be possible without the ongoing commitment of our farmers and ranchers.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average family of four will earn enough money to pay for their entire annual food supply after working seven weeks.  By comparison, it takes 100 days of work to earn enough income to pay your taxes.  Farm Bureau members statewide used this week to highlight Florida agriculture and the healthy and nutritious food that farmers and ranchers provide throughout the year.  That’s an important story that needs to be told continuously.

In that regard, if you are not a Farm Bureau member, please consider joining so that you can help us advocate and educate. If you are a member, please volunteer at whatever level is practical for you.  Please visit www.hcfarmbureau.org for more information about our organization, member benefits and opportunities for engagement.

Thank you for your continued support of our industry.

Dennis Carlton, Jr. 

Hillborough County Agriculture

Agriculture has a long tradition in Hillsborough County
Ag Jobs
Billion in Gross Regional Product
Acres of Farm Land
Contribution to Gross Regional Product

Agriculture has a long tradition in Hillsborough County, from cattle introduced by the early Spanish explorers to the strawberry industry in the Plant City area, and the national reputation of Ruskin tomatoes.  Agriculture has historically been Hillsborough County’s largest single industry. Despite the perception that Hillsborough is an urban county, 34 percent of its land area is farmland.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

In 1995 the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with several other organizations, took part in the Hillsborough County Agriculture Task Force, a county-appointed agricultural advisory board.  The charge given to this group was to first determine the current state of agriculture in Hillsborough County and then make recommendations to improve the industry’s economic sustainability.  To demonstrate the current state of the industry, the Task Force commissioned an economic impact study.  That study revealed that agriculture had an economic impact of $1.5 billion per year on the county, provided a tax surplus to the county and that the opportunity cost of agriculture could compete very well with development.

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